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Crucified Gods Galore or Christianity Before Christ

Robinson, Frank B. Dr.

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Facsimile. Idaho edition, 1933. New, startling and extraordinary revelation in religious history, which disclose the oriental origin of all the doctrines, principles, precepts, and miracles of the Christian New Testament and furnishing a new key for unlocking many of its sacred mysteries, besides comprising the history of the 16 heathen crucified gods. 401 pages, 16 x 24 cm.


Rival claims of the Saviors. Messianic Prophecies. Prophecies by the figure of a serpent. Miraculous and immaculate conception of the gods. Virgin mothers and virgin-born gods. Stars point out the time and magi visit the infant saviors. The twenty-fifth of December the birthday of the gods. Titles of the saviors. The saviors of royal descent, but humble birth. Christ 's genealogy. The world's savior saved from destruction in infancy. The saviors exhibit early proofs of divinity. The savior's kingdoms not of this world. The saviors where real personages. Sixteen saviors crucified. The aphanasia, or darkness, at the crucifixion. Descent of the saviors into hell. Resurrection of the saviors. Reappearance and ascension of the saviors. The atonement: its oriental or heathen origin. The holy ghost of oriental origin. The divine “word” of oriental origin. The trinity very anciently a current heathen doctrine. Absolution, or the confession of sins, of heathen origin. Origin of baptism by water, fire, blood, and the holy ghost. The sacrament or Eucharist of heathen origin. Anointing with oil of oriental origin. How men, including Jesus Christ, came to be worshiped as gods. Sacred cycles explaining the advent of the gods, the master-key to the divinity of Jesus Christ. Christianity derived from heathen or oriental systems. Three hundred and forty-six striking analogies between Christ and Krishna. Apollonius, Osiris, Magus, etc.-Gods. The three pillars of the Christian Faith – miracles, prophecies and precepts. Logical or common-sense view of the doctrine of divine incarnation. Physiological absurdities of the doctrine of the divine incarnation. A historical view of Christ's divinity. The precepts and practical life of Jesus Christ. Conversion, repentance, and “Getting Religion” of heathen origin. The moral lessons of religious history.