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Landon, Perceval

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Facsimile, London, 1906. An account of the country and people of Central Tibet and of the progress of the mission sent there by the english government in the year 1903-4. 530 pages, 16x24 cm.


The early history and visitors of Tibet. The rise and progress of the Tibetian question. The road from India to Tibet. The Chumbi valley. The disaster at Guru. The advance to Gyantse. Arrival at Gyantse. The fight of the Karo La. The night attack on the mission. Life in the Besieged Post. Superstition: manners and customs: art. Internal history of Lhasa 1902-4. Lamaism. The Relief of the Mission. The advance to Lhasa. The last stage. Lhasa: the city and the Ling-Kor. The environs of Lhasa. The potala and the Cathedral. The ride from Lhasa to India.